Wedding preparations include selecting a wedding and coming up with a guest list. However, in normal cases, there are people that couples want to invite but have higher chance of not making it to the big day. In such circumstances, couples wonder whether they should still invite guests who cannot make it to their wedding.

Deciding whether to invite a guest that won’t make it to a wedding depend on several factors. When the guest is distant relative or family friend, couples should think twice before they make any decision. However, when the guest already expressed that he/she will not make it, couples should not send out an invitation anymore to prevent the other party from thinking that they are asking for more gifts.

However, when the guest is someone who is very close to any of the couple or an older relative or friend, sending an invitation is a must. Elder people may want to receive invitations so that they can have something as a keepsake. When sending invitation to these people, couples should add a brief note expressing their regret that the invited person cannot make it to their wedding. This way, the other party will feel that they are value by the about-to-be-wed couple. Showing these people concern will inspire them to look for appropriate gift to send.

Invitations should also be sent to close friend even when they will possibly not make it to the wedding. Friends are like family, and they will feel very appreciated when they get an invitation though they won’t be able to attend their friends’ wedding. Moreover, close friends will be more excited to hear details of the wedding.