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 Ideas for Using Die-Cutting and Embossing Machines

Make It a Party with Sizzix is a DIY guide for planning a party, designing and making the invitations, and decorating the party place without hiring any decorators. The book includes a number of projects that be achieved through the use of the Sizzix die-cutting machines. Some pages are also allocated for ideas about handmade gifts and party food items that can just be prepared at home. Divided into 22 sections, each section of the book is designed to provide instructions for making a specific project that is perfect for a certain occasion like Christmas, baby shower, wedding shower, and many other kinds of events.


Not only does the book provide people with new creative ideas, it also teaches them to use simple things lying around their homes, like paper straws and twines, in creating artful projects that they can use for any event that they are planning. The book is also designed in accordance with the holidays throughout the year so people will have no trouble when they search for ideas that they can use on a certain period of the year.


Sizzix is one the more popular brands of die cutting machines in the world of arts and craft making. It has been known to make products with cutting edge and timeless designs. Such designs have been commended for inspiring people to bring out their creative skills in project making.