With regard to weddings, the bridesmaid is one of the most important people that should be present. Interestingly, being a bridesmaid is legitimate job, and there are actually people who hire people to become their bridesmaid during their wedding.

Bridesmaid service businesses offer courses for bridesmaids and maid-of-honors, coaching services for brides, and day-of coordination to ensure that everything goes will during a wedding. Though it seems to be a quite amazing and especially glamorous job, being a bride for hire is no easy feat.

Jen Glantz is a professional bridesmaid for hire who recently gave an interview regarding her experiences with her job. Though the job is admittedly hard, Jen takes pride in walking down the aisle along with people whom she really does not know. Jen’s career started when her roommate, who was also a professional bridesmaid, inspired her to post an ad on Craigslist.

In her ad, she relayed that she had already been a bridesmaid for her friends multiple times. In those instances, she had to prepare four different dresses and pre-wedding pep talks for the brides. And with additional information on her bridesmaid skills, Jen received numerous inquiries from people who wanted to hire her.

Afterward, Jen decided to launch her own business, Bridesmaid for Hire. The business offers services on providing help to brides in dress selection and make-up and resolving day-of issues. Crash course for first-time bridesmaids is also offered at $35, whereas $2000 package includes personalized assistance with wedding planning and 8 hours of day-of bridal support. Basically, Jen is call to resolve any drama that may on and during wedding proper. And people hire because she really does know when certain wedding-related problems arise.

Jen also forms personal connections with her clients. In fact, some brides confessed things about their grooms, and others wanted to backed down from getting wed but Jen convinced them to still walk down the aisle. In other cases, Jen’s identity remains hidden and she connives with brides to make up a fake backstory. There are also times when she had to attend multiple weddings in just one day.